Risk Management

Keeping our eyes on all the balls!

In these difficult times, the temptation to concentrate energy on the issues surrounding the present pandemic is strong. Management and clients are clamouring for COVID prevention and management plans. PPE requirements have changed to deal with COVID, first and foremost. It is vital that we remember that the former day to day hazards and risks …

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Infectious diseases in the workplace

Understanding the spread In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is being made aware of how that particular virus is spread and what its consequences are. However, infectious diseases in the workplace are nothing new, and ’s it is vitally important that employees are protected from all infectious diseases, and understand how infectious diseases …

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The Human Side of Safety

Broaden your perspective of injury analysis & prevention You can’t deny the critical role of human dynamics when analyzing contributing factors to a workplace injury, or when developing interventions to prevent injuries and improve occupational safety and health. But it seems safety pros limit the human-side of safety to “culture/climate change,” “mindset modification,” “attitude adjustment,” …

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