The new normal and the definition of the “workplace”

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to reinvent the way they carry out their activities. Many employees are working from home, either full time or on a rotational basis. The use of technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have made the traditional commute to a central office less common. People are setting up home …

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Infectious diseases in the workplace

Understanding the spread In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is being made aware of how that particular virus is spread and what its consequences are. However, infectious diseases in the workplace are nothing new, and ’s it is vitally important that employees are protected from all infectious diseases, and understand how infectious diseases …

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Cancer in the Workplace!

Know the Risks! Manage and minimise! Occupational cancers are a leading cause of work-related death and despite their devastating effects, cancer-causing agents are still used in the workplace. Developed nations are adopting innovative working practices and introducing stringent laws to control exposure to those substances or use less harmful ones. However, the same cannot be …

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