Keeping our eyes on all the balls!

In these difficult times, the temptation to concentrate energy on the issues surrounding the present pandemic is strong. Management and clients are clamouring for COVID prevention and management plans. PPE requirements have changed to deal with COVID, first and foremost.

It is vital that we remember that the former day to day hazards and risks in the workplace have not gone away. They are still there, and indeed, are conceivably a greater threat than in the “normal” world. As all concentration is focused on the prevention and combat of COVID19, it is incumbent on us not to forget that the job goes on.

Falling off scaffolding, getting caught by or in, struck by etc. are still hazards and risks in the workplace. In the present climate, with attention focused on one issue, they have the potential to assume a larger risk to health and safety than in normal circumstances.

Whilst the threat of the pandemic deserves attention, this attention should not remove the focus on “routine” hazards and risks. To the contrary, by shifting our attention away from the usual hazards, we run the risk of allowing other hazards to go uncorrected until it is too late.

Let us not let our guards slip. A holistic view of the overall safety of our people must not be subverted by a fixation of COVID19.

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