When lightning strikes . . . This simple advice could save a life!

Have you ever heard the saying? “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors”.

Lightning injures or kills people every year. Construction workers who work in open spaces, on roofs, or other high places are at risk of being struck by lightning. 

Lightning can stop your heart and kill you. It can also cause burns, nervous system damage, and other health problems you may not notice until months after a lightning strike.

If you hear even a distant rumble of thunder:

  1. you “should get to a safe place immediately” and “remain in the shelter for at least 30 minutes after hearing the last sound of thunder.”
  2. If you can’t find a building, get into a hard-topped car or truck with
    the windows closed.
  3. Do not touch the doors or other metal inside.
  4. Do NOT stand out in the open, on a roof, covered porch or open shelter, like a bus shelter.

Use this position to reduce your risk of being struck by lightning.


Squat down with your feet together. Only let your feet touch the ground.

Do not sit or lie flat on the ground. Since lightning travels through the ground, the more contact you have with the ground, the greater your risk for injury or death.

If someone is injured by lightning…

  • Call emergency services.
  • A victim does not stay electrified.
  • You can touch him/her right away.
  • If the victim has no pulse, perform CPR (cardiopulmonary
  • If there is a portable defibrillator, follow the instructions.
  • Avoid staying in the open during a storm to take care of the victim.
  • Move the victim to a sheltered area.

Stay informed, Stay Alive!

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